I was very happy when I read this : you are now under treatment of Pr Raoult's hexachloroquine ! Great !! Incredible !!

Excellent ! Don't be afraid with all these bad fake news about some inconvenients this molecule could provide to old persons, particularly if they are not in possession of all their faculties.

So you can go on with this : eventually take more than 1cp a day. With 2 or 3 cp every morning, maybe you stop very quickly for yourself all sorts or risks, including risk of discharge a lot of bullshit every day. With 3 unities of hexachloroquine every morning, better 4, maybe you get the best solution for the USA which could be great again with such an heroe as you are.

Go on proudly, Mr President ! It will be a very good story for the whole world. Don't forget : 4 cp a day, and rinse your throat every morning and evening with a mix of bleach, liquid detergent, fertilizer and so on. This is the full treatment, the successful treatment !

Sincerely yours,
The Tauliere

(Unfortunately it is likely that it is a placebo, some sugar powder in a gelule... Poor Mr Trump).